Monday, July 26, 2010

Backup Exec System Recovery Review

I asked a question over on Serverfault about backup software that supported Windows and Linux and did Bare-Metal Recovery and the response I got was to try Backup Exec System Recovery, which so far has been pretty good.

The bad stuff:

1) Restore CD creation on CentOS is impossible from what I have tried and can tell. They really do mean Redhat Enterprise Linux only.
2) Bare-metal recovery with MBR restore doesn't work. Which means I have to install grub after a restore.
3) LVM support is once again not there or well hidden.
4) Centralized management. It is a separate 1GB download as an Addon. I did the download and install, but now I can't find the Management console. Setting up each of our servers isn't too big of a problem, but I really wanted one window to view for backups.
5) There is no built in scheduler with Linux.
6) There is no incremental backup in Linux.

The good stuff:
1) It works on CentOS with a little bit of hacker-y to install (more on that in another post).
2) It is easy to install and configure on Windows, even though it requires a reboot. (BOO!)
3) It is pretty quick to get a backup started.
4) The backup procedure is different on Windows than on Linux. Windows is GUI based 100%. (I haven't looked to see if I can configure a backup from the command line.) While Linux is 100% CLI.
5) The Windows based restore CD is a pretty useful tool with out limits (unlike the Acronis Boot Disk).
6)Restores are quick and pretty simple to do.

All in all after trying three different products and looking at half a dozen I think this may be the winner.

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