Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upgrading the Firmware on a 3com 4500 switch

Again, this is mostly for my own notes, but someone else may find it useful. Last year we purchased a 3c0m POE switch for our new VoIP phone system. This year I needed to update the firmware on it, but with only 8MB of flash drive I ran into a few problems.

I used the TFTP method to transfer files to and from the switch. I used Solarwinds TFTP Server on my PC.

File name Prefix / Suffix
s3n / .app = 4500 application software.
s30 / .btm = 4500 boot ROM software
s3p / .web = 4500 web file (HTTP management interface)
3comOScfg.def / .def = 4500 config file

So first things first backing up via TFTP:
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] put flash:/s3004_01.btm
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] put flash:/s3p04_03.web
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] put flash:/
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] put flash:/3comOScfg.def

Please change these files as you see fit. Do a dir on the root directory to get the listing for your particular switch.

Now that we have that backed up we need to clean up the flash:/ drive to make room for the updates.

<4500>delete s3004_01.btm
<4500>delete s3p04_03.web

Now we also have to empty the recycle-bin. This is where I got stuck as I didn't know a CLI could have a recycle-bin, or have never seen it done before.

<4500>reset recycle-bin

See as we now have the free space we need to get the new files we can pull them down from the TFTP server.
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] get s3p02_01.web
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] get s3o01_01.btm
<4500>tftp [IP OF TFTP SERVER] get

Again, you will need to use the files that are the current firmware update.

One of the last steps is to tell the switch what files to use on next boot.
<4500>boot boot-loader flash:/
<4500>boot bootrom flash:/s3o02_01.btm

Finally we will save the configuration and reboot the switch.

Thats it! After the switch reboots you will be running the newest software, except for the .web file. For some reason this is left out of all of the documentation that comes with the update. I didn't write down the commands I used to get it to update, and I honestly don't think they worked.


Anonymous said...

Here is the command to upgrade the web package:
boot web-package s3v02_04.web main

Daniel Vieira Vega said...

see in my blog how to configure http management interface.


in the section "-ConfiguraĆ§Ć£o para funcionar o gerenciamento via HTTP:"

Anonymous said...

Hi to all. I upgraded my 4500 switch today to software release 4500_ V3.03.02p06. I did all the commands listed on this post. Now when I start the web console I get the following error:

"the file flash:/s3p04_03.web does not exist or the file does not match the software running on the device"

After that error the web interface works. You you guys help me to get this error go away?

thanks a lot and regards


Anonymous said...

3.03.02p09 resolves the Web package error. It should be made available for download in the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

If you use "delete /unreserved ...", you can avoid having to empty the recycle bin.

Anonymous said...

3.03.02p09 is now available for download.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the latest firmware and bootrom ?

I tried to find it on the 3com website but it only displays and older version of firmware. (3.02)

Also Google didn't give me any results.

Steve.Lippert said...

I found recent updates at

I Googled "3.03.02p09" to find it. Turns out there are more recent changes from June 21 2010.

Mary said...


I did all the steps for upgrading
mentioned here. When I tried to login with my previous password I received "login failed". If I use admin without password happens the same.
Please help to login.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello there..
I just format my flash 3com 4500.
Please guide how to re-load app file and boot file back to flash...


kuchumovn said...

Thanks, it worked.
On mine:

interface Vlan-interface 1
ip address
!tftp put flash:/
!tftp put flash:/s3r05_06.btm
tftp get
tftp get s3r05_06.btm
boot-loader file flash:/ main

bootrom update file flash:/s3r05_06.btm



Anonymous said...

What is the display command to see what flash files are loaded, in case some need to be deleted before the upgrade?

Justin said...

Here's a detailed explanation of the upgrade commands:

Anonymous said...

Very helpful. Thanks!

Lucas Abreu said...

Thanks, it worked for me!