Friday, January 09, 2009

nagstamon: A Nagios system tray monitor

First a little bit about my setup. While its true that I love nagios I don't always want to wait for e-mails to come before I know about a problem. I run a dual PC setup with Synergy2 to connect the two monitors and use only one keyboard and mouse. I keep the second monitor on my helpdesk tickets and nagios service detail page. I also use the Nagios Checker for Firefox on my second screen, but since I run Chrome as my main browser I cannot use that option on my main screen.

Today I found nagstamon and instantly fell in love with it! Configuration is easy. Below you can see what settings I am using for optimal performance in my opinion. Of course nagios-server is my actual FQDN for my nagios server and I don't use nagiosadmin to login to my nagios server.

If you notice on the last tab "Executables" I keep putty in the Windows directory so I don't have to update my path. This allows me to run putty right from the command line anywhere I am once I am at a command prompt.

Also if you don't choose to put NagStaMon in the system tray it will float in it's own tiny window like you see below. Look near the upper left corner by the Firefox Icon.

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