Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enabling Promiscuous Mode on vSphere 4

We are in desperate need of a testing server. The testing server needs to be able to listen to the network, through port mirroring, to record VoIP calls. In the physical world this is no problem, but we don't have the budget for another physical box, especially for something as non-critical as testing a program upgrade (even though the program it self is very critical to our business).

A year ago the software vendor said that they don't support virtual environments and their product doesn't work in a virtual environment. During discussions this year however they told the truth that they simply don't know if it will work, and thus "don't support" it. I am calling it lazy. It doesn't take much these days to get a VM host going and configured for testing things out.

Well we have done the leg work for them. I have confirmed that vSphere does allow for promiscuous mode, even from the physical network. To be honest I was a little shocked to see this worked.

Here are the steps to enable promiscuous mode on your vSphere host and the guest VM.
  1. Enable promiscuous mode on the virtual adapter.
  2. Enable promiscuous mode on the vSwitch.
  3. Enable promiscuous mode for the guest.
  4. Enable port mirroring on the physical switch (not covered here).
  5. Test capturing network data.
Now that we have the general synopsis of the procedure we can begin.

We enable promiscuous mode on the virtual adapter by logging into the vSphere Client, going to the VM Host, clicking on the "Configuration" tab, then on "Networking" in the "Hardware" section on the left. Now click on "Properties..." for the Virtual Switch.

Now enabling promiscuous mode on the vSwitch is pretty simple. Click on the "vSwitch" on the "Ports" tab, as shown below and then click on the "Edit..." button.

Now that we are editing the vSwitch properties click on the "Security" tab. Change the option for Promiscuous mode to "Accept" if it isn't already and hit "OK".

To enable promiscuous mode for the guest we need to break down to the command line. I used putty to SSH into my vSphere host, which I had previously setup. Now you need to edit the .vmx file of the guest that will be listening to the network.

# vi /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/testServer/testServer.vmx

I did a search for ethernet, so the promiscuous mode configuration would be with the rest of the ethernet config. Add the following line to the configuration file:

ethernet0.noPromisc = "FALSE"

And save when you are done. I rebooted my testServer just as a precaution, but I'm not certain it is required.

At this point everything is configured on the VM side of things. Make sure you have port mirroring enabled on your physical switch and give it a test. In my environment I commonly use Wireshark. I did my testing by pinging a server on a mirrored port.

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Anonymous said...

why would you need to enable promiscuous mode in the vNIC? In my testing, as soon as I enable promiscuous mode in either vswitch or port group, the VM can see all traffic.