Monday, December 18, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 FTP Drag and Drop Workaround

With Internet Explorer 7 being forced on many users world wide I would like to point out one of it's NEW shortcomings. Back before Tabbed Browing was all the rage there was (and still is) FTP. One of the things that Microsoft took out of Internet Explorer is something I use almost every day.

Drag and Drop File Transfers.

There is nothing easier then telling a customer to open up Internet Explorer and pointing them to the correct address (starting with ftp:// of course) and telling them they can drag the file/folder right into the window.

The easiest way to get this functionally back (though not really) is to use Windows Explorer instead. Now the first thing I ask is what version of IE they use. If its 7 I ask them to go to "My Computer" and then tell them our FTP address.

Simple, quick, yet annoying since it WAS there.

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Anonymous said...

Simple answer to a problem none of the big hosting companies could come up with.
Thank you