Monday, October 04, 2010

Enabling the Administrator user in Windows 7

This is a very simple fix. The reasons to actually log on as the administrator are shrinking, but for my environment I need to log on as the Administrator user occasionally (for software patching).

  1. Open up a command prompt as Administrator (not the same thing we are trying to do)
  2. Run "net user /active:yes administrator"
  3. Now it is a great idea to set a password for the Administrator user so we can do that right now
  4. Run "net user administrator password" but replace password with something more complex similar to "Som3C0mpl3xP@$$w0rd"
  5. Exit out of the command prompt.
For my situation I need to run commands as the Administrator user on other machines and need the Administrator shell. I did a lot of testing to make sure that the "Run as Administrator" doesn't work as I need.

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