Monday, April 19, 2010

NDO2DB daemon startup script

I would like to thank Chris over at for the excellent post on how to daemonize NDO2DB. His post NDO2DB startup script for RH (EL) / OEL does an excellent job getting everything working. I had to make one small change to the script as I kept my ndo2db executable as ndo2db-3x instead of just ndo2db.

For me this fixes a problem where I have to remember to manually start the ndo2db service after a server restart, which hasn't been happening the past few times. The second way I am going to fix this problem is by creating a checklist of things that need to happen during a server restart / boot up sequence for each PC. This will also reduce the effort needed for when I move the rack later this year. The third way I will be checking this is by adding a check to Nagios to make sure this is running at all times.

This also illustrates my general way of checking / double checking things. One go off of a checklist. The double check is to verify that Nagios is seeing the same thing.

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