Friday, January 09, 2009

Configuring CentOS 5.2 to accept passwordless authentication via PKI

I am sure most people reading this blog know how to do this, setup password less authentication using Public Key Infrastructure, but there are a few minutea that I was missing.

The .ssh directory needs to be read/writeable/executabe by the owner only (chmod 700 .ssh)
authorized_keys and authorized_keys2 need to be read/writeable by the owner only (chmod 600 authorized_key*).

On CentOS 5.2 I also dropped in a .config file into the .ssh directory I was able to connect with Putty and not use a password.

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Sudhir said...

Setting the .ssh/authorized_keys to 600 permission level did the trick for me. Earlier it was set to 664 and passwordless access wasn't working. Thanks