Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Follow up to Safari for Windows!

To be blunt, I am already un-installing this piece of software (POS). The two biggest keyboard shortcuts I use don't work. It may be faster at rendering, but our website looks bad in it. If I had to use a Mac or run Linux, I would be using Firefox for sure. On Windows however I am still sticking by Internet Explorer 7.

The install process went smooth, just the standard Next, Next, Next, Finish sort of thing. Let me know what you think if you have had the unfortunate time with Safari as I have.

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Johan Cyprich said...

Safari for Windows is somewhat perplexing. I can't imagine any Windows user making it their main browser. A Mac user who uses Windows at work wouldn't use it. They generally don't use Safari for the Mac. Firefox is their browser of choice. I'm amazed at the file size for downloading. Its around 110 MB as opposed to 5 MB for Firefox. The good thing about Safari for Windows is that you can test a web site to see how it would behave on a Mac.