Monday, March 12, 2007

Howto Forge

Over the years I have frequently looked up "Howto" do something. Then recently I noticed a trend. Most of the "Howto's" I was viewing were on Howto Forge.

Howto Forge is mostly for Linux and variants of BSD. They break things down to the OS and then also to specific software, such as Apache, DNS, sendmail, and other common *nix applications/services. I highly recommend this site to anyone that is trying to do something for the first time. Also newbies should read over as much of this as possible to get a feel for how things are done.

The one area I wish they had is Howto's for Windows and Windows based applications such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL Server. I know there are sites out on the internet that have the content I am looking for, but I would really like to build a Über-IT knowledge site.

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Johan Cyprich said...

You should try creating the site yourself, perhaps call it :)

Something like this could be done in Joomla and you can add integrated phpBB forums to it.

It's not that hard setting something like this up. You can buy hosting at starting at $3/month which is sufficient to get started, although I would go for the better plans myself (i.e. the $10/month one).

A site like this is a good idea and it could make you some money, perhaps even leading to a full-time income.

I have lots of articles that I could post to it. :)