Friday, December 08, 2006

Remote Control / Support Software for Free!

While some companies shell out big bucks for software like pcAnywhere or GoToMyPC I have first fell in love with TightVNC. TightVNC is one of many distributions of the popular VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client/server software. Most of this love was due to its compression abilities. Then I got sick of it now working well over a T-1 line. Then I noticed that even on a Gigabit network it was slow to respond, especially with menus, so I set out to find a replacement.

UltraVNC is what I have come to love now. On top of working well over a T-1 line or less, it offers encryption, file transfer, Windows Authentication, a Video Driver, chatting (instead of Notepad chat :) ) and a Repeater option for large networks like ours.

On top of all of this the sister project PcHelpWare aims to take on LogMeIn Rescue and other big boys in this area. PcHelpWare is a single click Reverse VNC Server. Technically I would run the server, our clients would run a client, but the client gives ME remote access of their computer!

Once I have this working I will report back how to set it up and how useful it is. Hopefully I can save my company $99.00 a month in software fees, and a lot of my time driving to clients offices.

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Anonymous said...

I use Radmin as a remote control tool to support users and work remotely from anywhere. The one time fee is justified. You pay once and profit form using long life time.