Monday, September 25, 2006

Making the Switch: Debian Linux

I have recently moved one of our workstations from Windows XP to Debian Linux. Upon booting the system I was watching the screen to see "Starting Apple Talk, this may take a while" or something to that effect.
I then went out to the World Wide Web to figure out how to remove this VERY unnecessary service. The answer that I was seeking is a command for the apt-get program. It is a very simple command: apt-get remove netatalk. Now when I ran this I was not root, so I had to do sudo apt-get remove netatalk. I also do not like being asked if it is OK to do the command I just told the computer to do so I also used the -y switch to answer YES to all questions. In the end my command was sudo apt-get -y remove netatalk.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vigilante: End-to-End Containment of Internet Worms

Microsoft Vigilante: End-to-End Containment of Internet Worms
I came across this last night. I would like to get this type of application in Beta so we can start working on a self healing network. The concept sounds very interesting and is something that the Internet is in need of right now. Why be in a constant state of reaction when you could have your computers doing it automattically. Why always worry about the next big virus to hit, when the network itself is more like an imune system than todays mess.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tizag Tutorials

I just wanted to publically thank for the excellent Tutorials that they offer. I often find when I am programming that they have the answers I am looking for. Today I needed something about PHP and Google found the answer for me on Tizag’s website. I know I have been there in the past as well when looking for a how to in basic programming.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Registry Cleaners

I have to agree Ed Botts "Why I don’t use registry cleaners". I should preempt that with; I don't use any third party Registry cleaners. I used to use Microsoft’s, before they stopped offering it.
I would urge people to NOT "optimize" their registries. I have yet to see any significant results from any cleaning/optimization I have ever done. I have however had very bad things happen after running some of these programs. I would avoid them at all costs.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 RC1 Update

I have been running IE 7 since its first Beta. I have seen many of the changes come down the pipe. With this last update I have seen NOTHING noticable change between the last beta and Release Canidate 1. The only thing I have noticed change but am not sure of when is the Uninstaller. Between Beta 1 and Beta 2 you had to uninstall IE but had to check the "Show Updates" in Add/Remove Programs. Now it is just listed as a Program.

Touch for Windows

My buddy over at has released a basic version of touch for Windows.
You can find his blog post here and you can download it here.

I will admit that it is no where near as full featured as the Linux version of touch but it is better than nothing.

An easy way to install this utility since it comes with no installer is to use this command from the folder: "copy touch.exe %windir%".

Now when ever you need to reach out and touch something you need to only type the command.